It seems blogging suffers the same malediction the rest of my life does: lack of time. Poor time management skills might be a more accurate phrase, but that’s an entirely different discussion. Anyway, time issues aside, this doesn’t mean the thoughts I want to express go away. Some time between this post and the last, I decided that blogging about and thus thinking through more thoroughly about my homebrew world would be a satisfying use of this blog. Before I dig into that though, I thought I would examine why I’m doing this. Yes, I said I sometimes have thoughts and ideas that are too long for Twitter – despite the addition of “add a tweet” so we can string our thoughts together in one thread, but I think the more beneficial aspect about blogging versus tweeting is that I mean for tweets to be succinct while blogging allows for time to examine and expand. Capiche?

So, why homebrew? It’s 2019. There are so many settings and worlds out there already. Oh, perhaps I should mention that I intend this to be a world to play D&D in, a campaign setting. As I’ve been worldbuilding, there is a part of me that thinks this world might not be the best for D&D. Maybe I need to just make my own game. Well, first off, whoah there. Let’s walk before running and take this one step at a time. Simply put, I can only imagine others created their own homebrew worlds – and then later some of those became widespread and then official settings – because they feel they have a unique idea or no other world out there scratches that itch for them quite right. For me, it’s the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I was a fan-boy of Faerun for years, I think Ebberon is fantastic, and just about every other world out there has something going for them. In fact, I have most recently been inspired by Brian Patterson’s Karthun and Aram Vartian’s Khalgun. Of coruse they aren’t my only inspirations, but they are homebrews that really spoke to me.

So what do I want in my world? I want magic. For me, magic is what makes the world fantastic. Magic is the paint that you compose your world in. Magic is the awe and wonder. Also, I want a different feel to my world than others. I don’t want my world to be just like others. That’s just reskinning and not what I’m after here. But I think that’s enough for today. I’ll expand more on this next time. Take care ya’ll.

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